Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian: Arnold Spirit

“Honey wake up its time for school and your friend is down here waiting for you!” yelled by my mom. “Who is it? is it Rowdy?” I replied. And no one replied so I tried my hardest to get out of bed.I hope its Rowdy. So I got dressed and ran to see who it was and its someone thats new to my school and my mom let him in. Why did she let this kid in. No one even knows who he is but what ever. “Hey.” i said “My name is Arnold and how do you know where i live?” “I seen him and he looked puzzled so i asked him if he knew you and if he was in your grade and he is so i invited him.” my mom replied as the kid named          got interupted by her. “My name is         .”
“Yea i know so where are you from?”
“Im from

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